St James Poole

St James Poole – town centre church near the Quay with a wide variety of ministry opportunities and links to Poole Missional Community 

The parish of St James covers the old town of Poole.  This is very mixed socio-demographically. With a population of around 6,500 it is almost a parish of two halves with an attractive and wealthy georgian conservation area surrounding the church and down the road a urban priority area designated as the 4th most deprived in the borough.    The parish is boarded on two sides by the harbour and holes bay estuary and on the other two sides by the railway line. Poole quay is very much part of the parish and with this comes an influx of tourists especially during the summer months with regular tuesday bike nights and friday car nights on the quay.  The parish also covers the high street and has several headquarters of businesses including Sunseeker boats, RNLI and Animal.

The Church of St James is known as the Civic church of Poole and therefore hosts a number of civic events during the year. The Church has a conservative evangelical heritage but has moved into more of a central evangelical position our worship is fairly traditional but in a relaxed way – if this is possible!

The age profile of the church is coming down with the establishment of all age worship once a month although we still rely heavily on the older congregation to support various events and initiatives. The vision of the church is to be one with low walls which allows people to look and reach out from the church but also is an easy place for people to come and be part of.

St James is a genuinely loving church family who are very welcoming of new people and new ways of doing things.  There will be excellent opportunities to relate to people from different walks of life and to offer pastoral care in a variety of different situations. In particular we can offer ministry experience in

  • Our developing a role with the poor and marginalised through regular community meals.
  • Our parent and toddler group with an outreach to the community.
  • Our ministry through music with summer concerts and the appointment of a new director of music to run choirs both for adults and children.
  • Our bible study/home groups, and occasional offices.
  • Our growing children’s work from a 0 base to now ‘All age’ once a month with a Sunday school as well on one other Sunday. We now have regularly 20 – 30 children at all age worship.
  • Engaging with the work of Poole Missional Communities alongside our Pioneer Minister (Rev Paul Bradbury) and ‘Reconnect’

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