‘Pray Serve Grow’ is exactly what it says!


Prayer is the start of everythng we do.  There will be an opportunity for praying together each day.  Prayer opens us up to God and invites him to be at work in our lives.


Your ministry experience will be in a local church serving a local parish and community.  We invite you to join in this ministry of mission and service to others.   In turn, we will serve you by supporting you in this, training you in ministry, and helping you explore your vocation.


We want everyone to grow from this creative encounter!  We want you to grow in faith, gifts, and experience.  We want the people you minister with to be blessed by your work with them.  We want the church to grow as we build the Kingdom of God together.

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Renewling Hope card

Pray Serve Grow is also our focus as a Diocese as we work together in bringing hope to the parishes and communities we serve.

Renewing Hope- Prayer Card

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