69075-20160204As well as the support and fellowship you will get from one another, we will also be providing each of you with three mentors/supervisors.

Placement Supervisor

Someone in your placement parish who will guide and direct you in your role in that church, as well as help you reflect on the things you are experiencing.  This will always be one of the leadership team in that church.  You will probably meet with them weekly.

Theological Mentorbecky-and-janice-2016

Someone who will help you think theologically about your experiences, your calling and your studies.  They will also be there to help with any questions arising from the training you are doing and set goals with you for the year.  You will meet with them once or twice each term.

Personal Mentor

Someone who will meet once a month to talk with you about how you are getting on.  They will help you reflect on your sense of calling, your relationships in the project, and how your personality and character suit the demands of ministry. Each of our Personal Development Mentors is a Young Vocations Champion in the Diocese.


ja2We want to actively encourage UK minority ethnic people, women and people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds to apply for ‘Pray Serve Grow’ as these groups are currently under represented in the Church of England.

We have a good  mix of men and women in our support team and the Diocese of Salisbury has women in leadership at every level of church life.

We also have a priest from a Minority Ethnic background who is one of our Vocations Advisors and is available to provide additional support to anyone who needs it.

Click on his photo below to find out more about Augustine’s journey on Pray Serve Grow…

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