Mere, West Knoyle and Maiden Bradley

Mere has a population of about 3000 people.  It lies just to the south of the A303 whose traffic thunders east and west. It is hard to envisage that, not so long ago, the A303 went right through the middle of town. Now that it doesn’t, there is an aura of peace about the town.  The people of Mere are very proud that their church it is listed in “England’s Thousand Best Churches” by Simon Jenkins.  It is a beautiful place to pray and worship.

The Benefice of Mere is made up of the Church of St Michael the Archangel in Mere; All Saints Church in Maiden Bradley and St Mary’s Church in West Knoyle.

We are a lively bunch of Christians who are kept busy with all the church services, special events and concerts.  There is never a dull moment and whoever comes to join us won’t be twiddling their thumbs! Our vicar, Revd. Carol says we are human beings as well as members of the congregaton!  and her hobbies include riding her motorbike, singing and amateur dramatics, as well as picking up dirty washing after her teenaged sons!  James, our not so new, organist has an entertaining and large repertoire of music and he, also, rides a motorbike to and from church.

We relish the prospect of introducing someone new to our congregation who can provide us with new ideas and inspiration and we will work hard to give you the experiences you need to explore your calling.69036-20160204

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We also have two Facebook pages – St Michael’s Mere AND Mere Flower & Music Festival.

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