Iwerne Valley Benefice


We are five village parishes between Balndford Forum and Shaftsbury in Dorset, with an extensive team of Clergy, Lay Pastoral Assistants and Lay Worship Leaders. Along with Church services and school assemblies, we want to develop a new evangelism program.  Our vision is one of mission and growth within an Open Evangelical tradition. There is a firm commitment to a Gospel proclamation, which places the need for a personal faith in Jesus Christ at the centre of its theology.

We are committed to enabling as many people as possible to worship at our churches and to become part of our parish community. Our services aim to put faith into practice through prayer and scripture, music and sacrament.

Together we seek:

  • To bring the people of this benefice into a committed relationship to God through Christ.
  • To be a benefice of Churches, which are inclusive and which learns to value all persons, embracing diversity.
  • To become a benefice whose Worship and Life reflect the variety of ecclesiastical tastes within the Parish in an expression of the love of God.
  • To be a benefice of Churches who embrace and engage with the needs of our community.

Over the past year we have redesigned our Family Services and set up worship teams in Iwerne, Fontmell and Sutton, as well as developing our team at Shroton who run ‘B/fast at 9’  We have also introduced new Lay Worship Leaders which have added flexibility and variety in our Non-Eucharistic services.

Our community activities include ‘The Hub@the Club’, and a Mums and Toddlers Group.

This year we are focusing on outreach and mission as our primary task, recognizing the need for people to discover the love of God in Christ.

We hope this will include a Christianity Explored course, Youth Choir, Evangelistic Evenings, new monthly Prayer and praise meetings, Social Media development, as well as re-focusing our Pastoral care on the wider benefice community outside of the worshiping community of the Church.

So there will be lots of opportunities for a wide variety of ministry experience, and we would be delighted to welcome you to join our ministry and mission.

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For more information, check out our church website: http://www.iwernevalleybenefice.org.uk/welcome.htm69036-20160204

Philip and Janet, two of our Lay Worship Leaders, have offered to provide accomodation.

You will need your own transport to get around the benefice.


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