206704-20160204We also want you to grow in learning during your year with us.

So as part of your experience on ‘Pray Serve Grow’ there will be opportunities to learn in a variety of ways:

Sarum College in Salisbury will be providing a course of fortnightly sessions – part of their TQQ course (Theology Quest and Questions).  Sarum College trains people for ministry in the Church of England as Priests, Deacons and Licenced Lay Ministers, as well as offering a range of courses up to MA level to students from a wide variety of churches and backgrounds.

In addition, [depending on availability] those in Poole will be joining with other interns from the New Wine network at St Mary’s Church in Poole for their teaching sessions once a fortnight.

And those in Rural placements will get together for visits and training days on rural ministry, looking at issues, innovation and imagination in ministry to rural areas.


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