69137-20160204Unlike many programmes…

Pray Serve Grow is Free!

The money for the scheme is being provided by  The Diocese of Salisbury, the Church of England, Sarum St Michael Trust and our placement churches.

We help you to come and gain ministry experience with us by providing:

  • leila-mather-2016Free accommodation in our community house in Poole or Salisbury or with local people in rural parishes
  • £35 per week spending money
  • Food, warmth, and internet
  • Travel and working expenses

You will also get:

  • a rest day each week
  • a day for reading and study each week
  • 4 weeks down time to visit family or get away and relax.

What we ask of you is to get stuck in with your placement church, pray together, talk honestly with those who will be supporting you, and be willing to try new things.

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