Lytchett Minster and Upton

Lytchett Minster and Upton – two churches – one in the town, one in a village – with a brand new busy youth centre “CJ’s” built by the church last year – and 4 worship bands!

We are a parish of two settlements: a village and a town one mile apart. Total population 9,000. Great schools: Infant, Junior, private prep, plus Lytchett Minster Secondary with 1,500 students: close relationship between church and schools. Fairly well-balanced demography: some affluence, some deprivation. Many people have lived in the area all of their lives. Big community Centre (attached to our church), Working Men’s Club, British Legion, Library, busy Health Centre, Surgery and Town Council.  Two fantastic pubs – quite a lot going on – most people are glad to live where they do. Lots of energy going into community cohesion – and the church is a very willing partner.


We have two church buildings (old Parish Church in Lytchett and modern church St Dunstan’s in Upton). Brand new, busy Youth Centre “CJ’s” built and paid for by Church last year. Wide range of worship styles from middle of the road traditional to band led, non-liturgical at the main service at 11 am Sunday service. Many lay leaders in children, youth, home groups, prayer ministry, bands and in overseeing areas church life. Some key people: Team Rector, two Assistant Self-Supporting Ministers, full-time Youth Worker (shared with Turlin Moor), and busy Church Office staff. Key church priorities: Outreach, Discipleship and Service.

Ministry opportunities:

  • Participation in Sunday worship at Lytchett Minster and St Dunstans – wide range of services from BCP to ‘New Wine’
  • Sharing in weekly church Leadership Team meetings
  • Mid-week homegroups and adult discipleship groups
  • Vibrant youth ministry with full time youth worker including four Youth discipleship groups, & youth cafe
  • Particpation in music for worship (according to musical skills ) in one of our four worship bands
  • Pastoral visiting alongside our 12 Lay Pastoral Assistants with links to occasional offices.
  • Regular ‘sermon review group’ – doing theology together
  • Outreach events and courses eg Alpha
  • Participation in the Prayer Ministry Team after services.
  • Excellent Church Office which acts as a hub for communication.

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