St John’s Heatherlands and Church of the Good Shepherd

St John’s Heatherlands & Church of the Good Shepherd – Urban Priority Area parish and a Football Chaplaincy wih AFC Bournemouth Youth Academy.

The Parish: The Good Shepherd is placed within an Urban Priority area. Our community is diverse, and it is well known for its social deprivation. Up until recent Eastern European migration, the largest ethnic group locally were the Settled Gypsy Travellers. We have two schools within the area; one of these is the local secondary school, which has really struggled over the last few years, especially with its annual exam results. Many folk within the community rely upon public transport; this would include a large number of elderly who live alone. There isn’t a specific central place within this part of Poole where individuals and groups can gather, only a few local shops and facilities.


The Church: It is really exciting that the church family is made up from people who live within this area. Therefore, our outreach endeavours to reflect the needs of those around us. Our ministries are diverse, reaching out to both young and old. Our church family is very welcoming and accepting. The Parish has always been Evangelical Anglican, and therefore, our Sunday services focus upon Worship & the Word. We like to encourage individuals to explore the ministry the Lord has given them. Furthermore, we are passionate about our strapline; ‘Knowing and sharing the love of Jesus.’ We believe that He can change lives, so we look for opportunities for people to respond to the gospel message. CoGS strives to be a missional church, embracing its community

We would like to offer a placement working mainly at the Good Shepherd. The intern would be involved in a wide range of ministry opportunities.

  • Involvement in an historic Evangelical Parish, including opportunities within the regular worship, exploring and enhancing personal gifts for all including members with special needs.
  • Discovering the challenges of an Urban Priority Parish (& Area) including linking with local community groups
  • Ministry amongst the Settled Traveller Community.
  • Experiencing ministries among children, young people & their families
  • Engaging with the Elderly, through our ‘Home from Home’ ministry.
  • Opportunity to support Peter in his role as Vice Chair of Poole Food Bank Steering Group.
  • A taster of Chaplaincy Ministry: Supporting Peter with his football chaplaincy visits to AFC Bournemouth Youth Academy. An overview of Sports Chaplaincy.
  • Furthermore, we can also offer understanding of pastoral ministries such as Baptisms, Funerals & weddings etc.

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