AVC Role Description

The Concept…

The number of people exploring vocation in the Diocese has increased dramatically over the last two years. We are currently in contact with over 70 people in the vocations process – and this does not include those who have already been referred on to the DDO Team and LLM Discernment.

To continue to respond to vocations enquiries in a timely and thorough manner, we have created a small team of Associate Vocations Co-ordinators to share the caseload of new explorers. This will help speed up the process for explorers and keep Benny from getting over-stretched.

With the numbers of explorers we are now in touch with, this way of sharing the workload is vital in keeping the process moving for everyone.

The Role

Looking after specific explorers and guiding them through their journey with the Vocations Team.

It involves:
A monthly AVC Team Meeting in Salisbury:
  • Where we review each explorer, allocate Vocations Advisors and discuss outcomes.
An Initial Meeting with a new Explorer:
  • Inviting explorers to an initial meeting with you, to hear about their story/sense of calling and writing up a short summary.
  • Contacting their parish priest for an initial comment on their exploration of vocation (email or phone conversation).
  • Giving them information on Vocation Enquiry Days (flier or website link) as the next step for them.
  • After a Vocation Enquiry Day, identifying (with the Team) a suitable VA (Vocations Advisor) and putting them in touch with their VA.
After seeing a Vocations Advisor:
  • Receiving the VA’s report and the Explorer’s reflections.
  • Checking back with their parish priest to see if everything is lining up towards a ‘direction of travel’ – ie what Vocation they should be pursuing.
  • Discussion in the team about referral for discernment (if LLM or Ordination) or work which needs to be done by the explorer prior to this.
  • Second meeting with the explorer to agree next steps.
  • When appropriate, writing a referral to DDO Team or LLM Officers or Parish (as appropriate).
  • We do not expect AVCs to continue to be a Vocation Advisor at the same time – these are
  • I would like to be able to refer up to 1 person per month to each AVC
  • The Diocese will reimburse mileage and travel costs in full.
  • If you would find it helpful to attend a BAP as an observer at some point, I would be happy to explore this.
  • If there is any other training which you would find helpful, I am happy to explore how we can provide it.
  • Please be assured that we will work as a team – and you will never be left ‘holding the baby’ on your own!