After seeing a VA

Immediately after seeing a VA

  • Send Form B1 to Vocation Advisor
  • Send Form B2 to Explorer
  • When the forms come back, talk with Parish Priest or ask for email comments on the direction of travel (Key question: Would you support this?)
  • Arrange to meet the Explorer again and at the meeting, give them a copy of the completed Form B1 from their VA

Form B1 (VA)

Form B2 (Explorer)

For referral for Ordination discernment:

  • At your meeting
    • Fill in the Ordination Checklist
    • Give them Form C to complete and return
  • Ask Andrea to add their name to the next DDO Team Meeting for handover and send her copies of B1, B2, Ordination Checklist & Form C
  • Write a Referral to the DDO Team summarising the outcome of thier exploration
  • Attend DDO Team Meeting to refer in person, or copy the Referral to Benny to present
    • Andrea will photocopy the file for the meeting ready to give to a DDO
  • After the DDO meeting, email the Explorer telling them who their DDO is & copy it to their
    • Parish Priest
    • and VA

Ordination Checklist (VC)

Form C (Ordination)

DDO or LLM Referral

For referral for LLM discernment:

  • Write a Referral to LLM Team (see above), summarising the otucome of their exploration
  • Email this to Ralph Dodds or Sarah Musgrave along with supporting forms
  • Form A, First Interview Notes, B1 & B2
  • Email VA to say thank you


For Referral to LWL and LPA:

  • Refer them back to their Parish Priest for LPA/LWL training
  • Email VA to say thank you