Unexpected Guests

Who’s that knocking on my door? I’m not expecting anyone, but there they are, not expected and not invited, at my front door. I can’t ignore them, indeed it’s unthinkable that I should ignore them. I may be quite pleased to see them , and invite them in.  On the other hand they might just get a few brief words and sent on their way. It all depends on who they are and what they want.

In the heady days after the resurrection, Jesus made a number of unexpected calls on his friends and followers: a couple of weary travelers making their way to Emmaus are joined by a third party who walks and talks with them; some women coming away from the empty tomb in a mixture of fear and joy suddenly find him standing amongst them; an utterly disheartened and fearful woman hears him calling her name as he comes to her by the empty tomb; frightened disciples in a locked room are astounded by his appearance with them; Thomas and his doubts are confronted by him; an unsuccessful fishing party hears and obeys his voice and joins him for breakfast on the beach; a broken and dismayed disciple is restored by a meeting with him. No one asked him to come, he just dropped in on them. They didn’t always recognise who he was, but on the other hand, no-one turned him away or ignored him either. In fact all those who Jesus dropped in on had a life changing encounter.

Who’s that knocking at my door? Who’s that knocking on your door? Is it an unexpected visitor and what’s going to happen next? Supposing, just supposing it was Jesus who came calling, as he does, unexpectedly and sometimes at first unrecognisably…..what are we going to do? Will we turn him away or will we let him come in and change us?


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