Pray Serve Grow in the Countryside

Amy StevensonWhat’s it like to come for a year with Prayer Serve Grow in the countryside of Salisbury Diocese.  Amy Stephenson shares her thoughts on our Ministry Experience Scheme.

“I love the community that comes with rural life.”

Amy Stevenson has come from a village on the outskirts of Manchester to Fontmell Magna. She  is spending a year in the Diocese’s Pray, Serve, Grow ministry scheme, exploring whether she has a call to ordained ministry.

“I grew up near the Peak District. We went to church at major festivals, then as a teenager I felt drawn to go regularly which meant taking my Mum!

“I joined the church youth club, where the leaders were pretty special. I also got involved in leading children’s worship and altar serving.

“I studied Maths at St Chad’s, Durham, and was asked by thechaplain to be the chapel clerk, effectively the sacristan.

“I started feeling a call towards ministry around the end of my penultimate year there. At that time, I suffered from PTSD, and I don’t think I would have survived without my faith. That’s when I made it the most important thing in my life.

“I came here after graduating, as only two ministry experience schemes give the option of working in rural parishes, and Salisbury’s is the best.

“As well as time for study, I help with the Mums and Tots, children’s club, pastoral visiting and some office work. I lead the first part of Sunday services and will soon get the chance to preach.

“I’ve gained a better understanding of myself and the Church. I’m hoping to start training for full-time priesthood soon – ideally in the countryside.”

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