Vision for the Future

Becky writes about her time on PSG – our Ministry Experience Scheme.
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When I began to consider joining ‘Pray Serve Grow’, my discernment to work in the Church of England was very new.

I was no way near ready to jump into the whole ‘vocation thing’.

Although some of my friends and congregation had gone through the process, I wasn’t really aware of what it all involved.  I remembered lots of talk about ‘BAPs’, saw them subscribe to the Church Times and a dive into pile of books that made the Harry Potter series look like light reading!  I needed to find out more about what I could be signing myself up for.  I wanted to test my calling and try working in a church.

20161119_163639I felt a little foolish in some of my questions – I was unfamiliar with much of the terminology used in the Church of England, or the breadth of its churchmanship, but I was up for finding out. With this in mind, I found myself part of the Poole CEMES project.  At first it was overwhelming.  So many new things at once can be daunting, but there was comfort in being in a community house with others, all in the same boat.

My placement church is set in a housing estate on the outskirts of Poole. Calling itself a village, Creekmoor is a quiet area a short drive from the busier atmosphere of the city. The church is a modern building set at the heart of the estate. There I found a beautiful community, on fire for reaching out to the people around them.  A church ready to look for ways to serve and welcome.  Having spent over a year in the Lee Abbey Devon community, this was one thing I was used to and ready to engage with.

I’ve so enjoyed being able to be part of something that is ready to have fun spreading the gospel through relationship and eating more cake than you really should… and I swear it’s not just because of the great baking! God is in those moments when food is shared. When conversation goes beyond ‘How are you?’ and into the triumphs, the vulnerable and the difficult.

In relation to my calling, this year has been about recognising gifts and the vision for the future, in a safe and supportive environment.

The process is really only just beginning for me and life is currently in that unsettling time where the path ahead isn’t yet clear.

But God is in those moments of uncertainty, as well as in the clarity.

Could it be that God be calling you to ministry?  For more information on PSG, visit

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