A safe place to explore your vocation

Applications are now open for ‘Pray Serve Grow’ – our Ministry Experience Scheme for young people (18-30yrs) who want to explore a vocation to ministry in the Church of England.   This year we will have urban and rural placements available in Poole and around the Diocese.

But what is it like to spend a year with us exploring your vocation?

Augustine reflects on his time on Pray Serve Grow…

“I wanted to do this scheme to develop my skills, gain experience in a diverse context, and to discern my vocation.

CJ's Youth Centre

Most of my experiences within parish life before this have been within heavy populated multi-cultural metropolitan areas or large town centre contexts, as well doing ministry with the poor and homeless. My parish church this year has been in a semi- rural, white middle class context. I have gained a multitude of leadership and pastoral awareness since beginning this journey.

Being one of five strangers picked to live in a house with different spiritualities, traditions and backgrounds has helped me grow too. The connection between the house and the parish is vital to the scheme. The house will help to shape you just as much as the parish. Getting to know you fellow sojourners on this exploration while cooking, cleaning and developing a rule of life is a part of your personal development and if you allow, the Spirit will use it to shape your heart and mind.

I can wholeheartedly say that I have never felt such warmth and support in my Christian development in my life.

Augustine and vicar
Augustine with his vicar

At times, feeling a massive reluctance to pray, and as an urban sojourner in the Dorset countryside, a little perplexed, but you’re not alone. You will have supportive people who will challenge you and draw out the best in you to become the best version of yourself in Christ.  I can wholeheartedly say that I have never felt such warmth and support in my Christian development in my life.

You will also have the ability to experience the variety of areas of ministry that is the Church of England.  One aspect that of the scheme I have especially relished is the emphasis on prayer. At the heart of the Church of England is the prayer book. And having a rhythm of prayer will not just sustain you, but also fulfil you, as we are leaking vessels that need to be filled, daily!

Pray, Serve, Grow is a safe place to explore your vocation and identity in Christ.”

To find out more about Pray Serve Grow – visit https://salisburycalling.org/pray-serve-grow/

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