Career or Vocation?

Careers fair - Sherborne 2On Friday 11th March, the Diocese of Salisbury Vocations Team attended the Sherborne School Careers Fair held in the Sport Hall at Sherborne School.

Sherborne School was established in 1550 by Edward VI largely as a result of the dissolution of the Monasteries. This dissolution meant that the Benedictine Abbey at Sherborne subsequently formed part of the fabric of Sherborne School and the walls of Sherborne Abbey form part of the fabric of the School today. The Church is woven into the very fabric of the School and worship is also part of the pattern of weekly life. The School’s vision is to nurture the physical, emotional and spiritual health of the boys and it is hoped that this spiritual fabric and nurture will also foster a life of service to God as well as possible vocations to Ordination.

It was against this backdrop that the Salisbury Vocations Team were invited to the Careers Fair at Sherborne School for the first time. It was wonderful to see the Church alongside other careers at the Careers Fair and it was very heartening that a sizeable number of boys came to enquire further about a career in the Church. Some even left their email addresses so that they could be supplied with further information by the Vocations team.

This was a risk. It was quite possible that no one would consider the Church as a career option. However, as well as those who publicly profess their faith, there are those whose faith who is known only to God and in whom the Holy Spirit may be at work. This is certainly what we discovered. In God all things are possible and, above all, it is important to take risks for the Kingdom.

Careers Fair or Vocations? It is hoped that all careers are vocations to the glory of God. I would strongly urge other schools to take risks for the Kingdom. The Vocations Team is always on hand to help

Reverend N J Mercer

Assistant Chaplain, Sherborne School

If you would like to invite our Vocations Team to take part in your Careers Fair please email


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